A list of anthologies, in order of release date, in which you’ll find short stories set in my fictional world of the Shifting Isles. Note that some of these might only be available for a limited time. Ultimately, my stories will be gathered into their own anthology (Perspectives: A Shifting Isles Short Story Collection) for release.


Unbound (The Clarion Call, Vol. 3)

From the Agorist Writers Workshop, a collection of libertarian-based short stories written in the fantasy genre.

Includes my story, ‘Anchors Aweigh’, featuring Fynn T’ardach of Erostil and Kyra Crawford, captain of the Freedom, part of the Libertas fleet out of Agoran.

Released 14 December 2017

Available on in paperback or Kindle formats.


Rainbow Romances: Charity Collection for NAT

A collection of LGBT romance stories, benefiting the National AIDS Trust.

Includes my stories, ‘Stripped Bare’, featuring Sev and Ty from Second Place (Matchmakers Trilogy, Book 3), and ‘Broken Defenses’, featuring Beni Thaton from Addiction (Shifting Isles, Book 7), Blindsighted (SI, 8), and Libertas (SI, 9).

Released 1 June 2018

Available on in paperback or Kindle formats. Also available in KU and Kindle Matchbook.


Fairytale Riot (The Clarion Call, Vol. 4)

Coming soon!

Includes my story, ‘Vision in Action’, telling Vorena’s favorite story as referenced in The Prisoner (Shifting Isles, Book 1).

Release date TBA