Benash Rothbur

Birth: 20 Shysais 3425; Hallern District on Tanas
Death: 21 Elisel 3523; New Haven on Agoran; age 98

Race: Tanasian

Appearance: tall, fit, dark hair, blue-green eyes, hawkish features, pale skin


  • Officer of the Hawk Guard on Tanas
  • Owner of Hawkeye Insurance and Personal Defense Agency on Agoran


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Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

  • Oneri (married 15 Auriel 3441, ended with Oneri’s death 17 Partri 3458)
  • Suned (married 15 Partri 3445, ended with Suned’s death 17 Partri 3458)
  • third wife [unnamed] (married 5 Sulinel 3458, ended with her death 17 Partri 3458)
  • Ashyn (married 5 Sulinel 3458 but never consummated, unofficially annulled)
  • Vorena (never officially married; considered his life partner)
  • Val Meglin (never officially married)


  • eight boys and one girl (all unnamed) with Oneri and Suned
  • Saira Asennaval Crawford (née Rothbur) with Val Meglin

Special Abilities: telepathy, telekinesis

Favorite Drink: coffee

Favorite Food: anything but corn


Benash was born in the Hallern district in the northern part of Tanas. At the age of 16, he was assigned work as a member of the Hawk Guard, the Tanasian police force, and at 17, he began work at the Sonekha prison in the town of the same name.

As per the customs and laws of Tanas, Benash was assigned his wives: Oneri and Suned (with whom he fathered eight boys and one girl), a third wife (unnamed), and Ashyn (with whom he never consummated their union). With the exception of Ashyn, all of Benash’s spouses and children perished in the Collision event of 3458.

Benash escaped Tanas with Ashyn, who went on to marry Vik Gael on Agoran. Benash himself entered a platonic arrangement with an Agori woman named Val Meglin. A night of drinking led to their one and only sexual encounter, resulting in a daughter, Saira.

The one woman whom Benash always considered his life partner was Vorena, a rebel he captured on Tanas and who died just four months later. Her ghost, however, stayed with Benash when he escaped to Agoran, and once Vorena discovered how to make herself both visible and tangible to Benash, they spent the rest of eternity together. Benash even took the surname Rothbur when he escaped to Agoran in honor of Vorena, as it was the name she would have chosen for herself had she gotten the opportunity to escape Tanas before she died.

Once on Agoran, in the city of New Haven, Benash took work at a personal defense and insurance agency, the closest equivalent he could find to the work for which he was already trained. Over time, he rose up through the company until he was able to take over ownership of it, and opened a second branch in Oaks Pass, clear on the other side of Agoran from the main office. Benash ran the company for many years until he turned it over to his son-in-law, Charlie Crawford.

Benash spent his retirement in quiet study, living at the Gateway, his property in the hills above New Haven, with the ghost of Vorena at his side.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • The Prisoner (Shifting Isles Series, Book 1)
  • S.P.I.R.I.T. Division (Shifting Isles Series, Book 2)
  • Return to Tanas (Shifting Isles Series, Book 3)
  • Broken (Shifting Isles Series, Book 4)
  • Second Drafts (Matchmakers Trilogy, Book 2)
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