Blake Edwards

Birth: 4 Soldis 3519; Lonville on Agoran
Death: TBD

Race: Agori

Appearance: blond hair, brown eyes, slim, fit build, medium height


  • janitor/maintenance tech at Lonville General Hospital
  • owner of S&N Medical Supply, based out of Lonville, Agoran
  • manager of Second Act, an addition recovery charity


  • unnamed

Siblings: none

Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

Children: none

Special Abilities: none


Abandoned by his parents as an infant, Blake spent the first few years of his life with his grandparents. His childhood started out comfortable, albeit lonely. He had no other siblings, and with his grandparents’ failing health, they had less and less time over the years to focus on him. Finally, Blake was sent to an orphanage, then shuffled around foster homes, never quite finding a place where he fit in and felt loved.

At twelve years of age, Blake went out and got a job on the janitorial staff at the local hospital. His hard work earned him the attention and praise he’d always lacked at home, and the income allowed him to eventually strike out on his own, getting a small apartment for himself while also putting himself through business school. It was on the first day of classes that Blake met Claire Langley, and the two became instant best friends, bonding over shared goals, shared taste in movies, and a shared attraction to men.

Blake continued working at the hospital, steadily moving up through the ranks of the maintenance staff, learning about cleaning and sterilization processes, equipment maintenance, and much more. Between that and his studies at business school, Blake discovered ways for the hospital to reduce their costs on equipment and supplies while also better serving their patients. During his free time from work and school, Blake began to research the industry, toying with the idea of eventually starting up a medical supply company of his own, one that could furnish not only hospitals but also the general public.

It was also at this time in his life, during his late teens and early twenties, when Blake discovered the hookup scene at the local nightclubs. Though his weekdays were spent in work and serious study, Blake enjoyed his weekends and nights at the gay clubs. In the metropolis of Lonville, there were three gay clubs for Blake to choose from, so spent time at each one, dancing and drinking and engaging in backroom hookups. He also discovered recreational drugs, and though his work put him in close contact with the effects of heavy drug use, Blake decided to indulge on a moderate level, enjoying the experience and the attention it gave him.

During these hookups, Blake met Scot Jefferson. He’d seen Scot at the clubs on occasion in the past, but Scot’s attendance grew more and more frequent, the man engaging in group sex and heavy drug use. Blake and Scot wound up in the same backroom orgies at times, and occasionally spoke afterwards. Blake learned that Scot was married, but wasn’t getting everything he wanted at home, so Scot fulfilled his needs elsewhere. Blake felt bad for Scot’s husband, but because the man was out of sight, Blake put it out of his mind.

On 11 Partri 3546, Blake and Scot happened upon one another at Glitter, one of the nightclubs in Lonville, and had to share a locker in the backrooms because the club was so busy. They left their clothes and other belongings in the locker, then indulged in club drugs before joining some other men for group sex. In the middle of the orgy, Scot began vomiting and choking, but because of the way he was being held down by the other men, all of whom were too strung out to notice, Scot died.

Blake, being the most sober of the group, realized too late what was going on. He ran to their locker, spilling their combined possessions on the floor, and used his phone to call emergency services, hoping someone would arrive in time to revive Scot. In the irrationality of panic, Blake dressed and grabbed the various coins and small objects that had spilled out of the locker, then bolted from the club. It wasn’t until he arrived home and got undressed for bed that he discovered Scot’s wedding ring in his pocket, something he’d accidentally taken in his hurry to leave the club.

Over the next few days, Blake spent all his free time searching until he discovered that Scot had overdosed and couldn’t be revived, and that his funeral was scheduled. Taking Scot’s wedding ring, engraved with the name Niall on the inside of the band, Blake went to Scot’s funeral, but when he saw the man that had to be Scot’s husband, he ran away, too ashamed to face the man.

With Scot’s death and Niall’s grief haunting him, Blake gave up drugs, alcohol, and the club scene, throwing himself entirely into his work. Using his experience at the hospital and his studies at business school, and with the help of his best friend, Claire, Blake started up S&N Medical Supply, building the company up from nothing. Over the next ten years, Blake lived and breathed his company, determined to make it profitable so that he might someday be able to finance an addiction recovery charity, never wanting anyone to suffer or die the way Niall and Scot, respectively, had. When the company had grown considerably and Blake was able to buy a building for their headquarters, he even converted one of the offices into a living space for himself, putting him as close to work as humanly possible and keeping the money he saved on his living costs within the company itself.

Finally, after a decade of hard work and profitable expansion, Blake and his company were in a position to finance the launch of his charity, not wanting to have to depend solely on donations to make it run. Needing a website as well as software for the charity’s patient database, Blake turned to SanderTech, the IT company he used for S&N, but SanderTech claimed insolvency and went out of business, forcing Blake to look for IT services elsewhere.

He took bids and design proposals from four different companies, one of which stood out from the rest. The proposal from Fenton Solutions was clearly the best option, but when Blake discovered the designer was none other than Niall Hayes, Scot’s widowered husband, he found himself caught in an ethical dilemma. Niall’s work was clearly the best and exactly what his charity, Second Act, deserved, but Blake felt guilty for letting Niall work on the charity’s IT without knowing that the entire project was inspired by his late husband.

As the two began to work together, attraction grew between them. Blake was determined to refuse Niall’s advances, but temptation won out.

In the aftermath of one of their encounters, Niall discovered Scot’s ring in Blake’s pocket. In all the years since Scot’s death, Blake had never let that ring out of his possession, carrying it with him everywhere he went as a reminder and motivation. With Niall finding the ring, Blake was forced to admit the whole story of what happened that night and how Blake knew from the start just who Niall was. Feeling rightfully betrayed, Niall left.

After reflection, Niall was able to forgive Blake, and the two began a serious relationship while also working together to make the launch of Second Act a success. Blake openly dedicated the charity to Scot’s memory, and together the new couple buried Niall and Scot’s wedding rings at Scot’s grave, finding closure in the act.

Niall became the official IT manager of both Second Act and S&N Medical Supply, and between his efforts and Blake’s continued success in running both companies, S&N continued to thrive while Second Act remained stable and funded even without charitable contributions from outside sources.

On 30 Shysais 3558, the first anniversary of their first date, Blake and Niall spontaneously decided to marry. The couple grew old together, continually working on both companies and seeing continued success, turning Scot’s memory into an effort that saved innumerable lives.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • Second Act (Matchmakers, Book 3.5)