Bryan Landry

Birth: 4 Elisel 3518; Dunsberg on Agoran
Death: TBD

Race: Agori and Erosti

Appearance: tousled sandy blond hair, perpetual tan thanks to his Erosti genes, ruggedly handsome; often seen wearing a black leather jacket


  • software designer and web developer at Wysong Solutions in Dunsberg, Agoran


  • unnamed Agori father
  • unnamed Erosti mother


  • Malaika (half-sister through their mother)

Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

Children: none

Special Abilities: immune to all sexually-transmitted diseases through his Erosti genes


Bryan grew up with his time split between Agoran and Erostil, having one parent from each country. Bryan’s mother already had a daughter, Malaika, from an anonymous hookup, as was common on Erostil, but then met and fell in love with Bryan’s father and decided to settle down, which was highly unusual for someone from her country.

While his pure-blood Erosti mother and sister were both bald from head to toe, Bryan’s Agori genes allowed him to have hair, though he did inherit the Erosti skin tone, making him look perpetually tanned.

Other than occasionally living in a different country, Bryan had a typical childhood, growing up in snowy Dunsberg, until an accident on Route 12 took the lives of his parents when he was just seventeen years old. At the time, Malaika, being older, was living full-time on Erostil. As such, Bryan would have been left alone to handle his parents’ death. However, as he received the tragic news, he found himself embraced by a boy his age who was also orphaned by the crash, the two of them the only ones in the hospital lobby awaiting news by themselves. Perfect strangers, Bryan and the other boy, Danyal “Danny” Berringer, identified their parents’ bodies, then Bryan took Danny home with him, not wanting to be alone.

Needing to feel something other than his grief, Bryan kissed Danny, then the pair of them lost their virginity to one another before either spoke the other’s name. Afterwards, Bryan asked Danny to stay the night with him, not wanting to be in his family’s home by himself. For the next five years, Danny never left.

Bryan and Danny helped one another through their grief and through managing their parents’ affairs. They sold Danny’s parents’ apartment as well as Danny’s father’s businesses, retaining only Matchmakers, the local gay nightclub. Meanwhile, with Danny’s help and encouragement, Bryan finished school and landed a job with a local tech company.

When Danny ultimately cheated on him, Bryan kicked Danny out of the house, feeling heartbroken and certain he’d never love anyone ever again. Then he met Eric Grant, and a whirlwind romance ensued, the couple marrying just over four months after having their first date.

Other than the lingering heartbreak of Danny’s betrayal, Bryan was happy, advancing in his career at Wysong Solutions and growing ever closer to Eric as the years passed.

On the 9th anniversary of their first date, Bryan convinced Eric to take an alleyway as a shortcut to get home, where they were attacked by a couple of junkies. Bryan managed to fight one off and scare the other away, but not before the other stabbed a hypodermic needle into Eric’s neck. Bryan and Eric immediately went to the hospital, where Eric tested positive for the last remaining strain of the old AIDS virus, one that had never been eradicated and was a guaranteed death sentence as there was no treatment or cure.

The diagnosis ends their sex life, leading Eric to ultimately suggest that Bryan find pleasure elsewhere, not wanting his husband to have to be celibate for his sake. Bryan revolts against the idea, but eventually gives in, taking tricks as punishment since he blamed himself for Eric’s infection.

Since Bryan always takes his tricks at Matchmakers, being the only gay club in town, Danny catches him at it and confronts him, knowing Bryan isn’t the type to cheat. Bryan puts him off until Danny ultimately learns what happened, then winds up being part of Bryan’s life again as Eric slowly declines. In the process, Bryan learns the whole story behind Danny’s cheating and how that act actually saved Eric’s life. Eric was planning to kill himself that night, going out for one last trick before he pulled the trigger. Danny walked back into the room, having forgotten something, startling Eric so that his hand moved, the bullet only grazing him instead of piercing his skull. Then Danny got Eric and Bryan together, giving both men another chance at love and happiness.

On 24 Tarvin 3553, the 12th anniversary of their wedding, Bryan wakes up to find Eric dead in his arms.

Bryan spirals out of control in his grief, first never getting out of bed and then turning to sex and alcohol as ways to cope with his pain.

As time passes and his grief lessens, Bryan accepts that he never stopped loving Danny despite Danny’s betrayal, and knowing that Danny’s cheating allowed Eric to live for twelve more years, giving Bryan not just one but two great loves. Bryan forgives Danny for his infidelity, believing Danny’s promise that it would never happen again.

When Danny proposes, insisting that Bryan wear his ring on the right hand so that he could always keep Eric’s ring on the left, Bryan happily agrees.

Bryan and Danny married on 7 Shysais 3557 and grew old together, surrounded by friends.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • Second Chances (Matchmakers, Book 1)
  • Second Drafts (Matchmakers, Book 2)
  • Second Place (Matchmakers, Book 3)
  • Second Act (Matchmakers, Book 3.5)