Chance Whitaker

Birth: 16 Sulinel 3509; Dunsberg on Agoran
Death: TBD

Race: Agori

Appearance: brown hair, broad shoulders, square jaw; prefers lazy, casual wear


  • freelance book editor
  • book editor with Pinnacle books in New Haven


  • Mr. Whitaker
  • Denyse Ahren


  • Shain Ahren

Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

Children: none

Special Abilities: none


Chance grew up as the eldest of two boys, born to their psychiatrist father (known only in the books as Mr. Whitaker) and a homemaker mother (Denyse Whitaker, née Ahren). Unbeknownst to one another, Chance and his brother, Shain, were both gay and both hiding it from their father, whom they knew to be bigoted. Their mother, however, suspected their sexuality, and was waiting for them to come out to her on their own time, but they were prevented the opportunity due to her untimely death on 25 Elisel 3526, when Chance was 17 and Shain just 13 years old.

The loss of Denyse sent Mr. Whitaker into a tailspin, leaving him constantly either drunk or buried in his work, rendering him incapable of caring for the boys, forcing Chance to step in and play both father and mother to Shain. Just over a year later, Mr. Whitaker caught Shain making out with another boy and consequently kicked Shain out of the house.

Chance tracked down his brother and gave him some money and a phone so they could stay in contact, but the reality of Shain’s situation stopped Chance from coming out to his father himself. It was another few months before Chance finally came out to Shain, which drove a wedge between the brothers, Shain furious that Chance wasn’t willing to suffer the same fate.

By the time Chance was finally out on his own and tried tracking down his brother again, Shain was no longer in Dunsberg, and the brothers rarely spoke thereafter except for obligatory calls on birthdays or when they both went to visit their mother’s grave on the anniversary of her death.

Still keeping his sexuality a secret from his father, Chance moved on with his life, getting menial jobs (including babysitting Danyal “Danny” Berringer, who later became a friend) that paid his way through college, where he attained a language degree that allowed him to start work as a freelance book editor. It was also in college where he met his best friend, Myra, who went on to own Pinnacle Books, a publishing company in New Haven. Myra spent several years trying to get Chance to come work for her, but Chance preferred staying in his hometown despite the constant snow and cold.

Chance’s romantic life was never very successful. He’d always preferred younger men, but inevitably wound up losing every relationship he had due to his partner’s infidelity. On his 34th birthday, Chance came home to find his boyfriend had arranged a couple of hustlers as a birthday present for him, which was the last straw in that particular relationship. After that, he swore off dating younger men, though he could never find men his age to his liking, leaving him in a dry spell that lasted just over a year until Danny (now owner of Matchmakers gay club) introduced Chance to Remy Dawes.

Despite the sixteen-year age gap between them, as well as Chance’s determination to never again date a younger man, Chance can’t resist Remy. The couple have a rocky start due to Chance’s hangups and Remy’s work as a porn star and stripper, but Chance caves to temptation, and the couple eventually grow closer, to the point they start talking about moving in together.

That plan nearly gets ruined, though, when Chance arrives at Remy’s house to find Remy in bed with his best friend and coworker, Matty. Without waiting for an explanation, Chance leaves, feeling confirmed in his belief that younger men can’t be trusted. A snap decision has him selling his apartment and making plans to move to New Haven, wanting to put his heartbreak behind him.

Danny comes to the rescue, telling Chance that Remy was drugged by Matty and doesn’t remember what happened, so he wasn’t a willing participant in the act. Chance agrees to talk to Remy, but before he gets the opportunity, Matty is accidentally killed in a bar fight, preventing Remy from meeting Chance as planned.

Chance goes to New Haven, making plans to take a job with Pinnacle Books and looking for a place to live. In the midst of his search, he happens upon a house that perfectly matches Remy’s dream house. Chance tries to put the house out of his mind, and goes back to Dunsberg to finish packing up his life, ready to move. Just as he’s ready to leave town for good, he and Remy finally get a chance to talk, allowing the truth of everything to come out so they can begin to reconcile. Chance invites Remy on a trip to New Haven, just to get away and to consider the opportunity of moving with him, in case Remy needs a fresh start as well. During the trip, Chance arranges for Remy to see the dream house as well as setting up a meeting with the owner of a club there in New Haven. With the club, Gents, being similar to Matchmakers, Chance hopes it’ll make the transition as seamless for Remy as possible.

Remy agrees to move, wanting to start over with Chance and put Matty’s death behind him. The couple move into the house, and Chance begins his job at Pinnacle while Remy goes to work at Gents before ultimately retiring from the sex industry and taking up work in interior design instead.

Chance’s brother, Shain, also happens to live in New Haven, and the brothers are still on uneasy terms until Chance and Remy go back to Dunsberg to get married, where Chance and Shain’s father finally learns about Chance’s sexuality, nearly ruining the wedding in his outburst. It is then that Chance learns about Shain being beaten up by their father when Shain was a teenager before Shain was ultimately kicked out of the house for being gay. Chance and Shain reconcile, and the brothers grow closer. They continue to make their annual trip to Dunsberg to visit their mother’s grave, and remain friends with Danny despite the geographical distance between them.

Eventually, Chance and Shain’s father attempts to make amends with them after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, leaving him little time to reconcile. Chance and Shain have a difficult time of it, but after repeated and determined apologies from their father, they’re ultimately able to forgive him, just in time for their father to slip into a coma before passing away.

Chance and Remy grow old together in New Haven, surrounded by friends and family.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • Second Chances (Matchmakers, Book 1)
  • Broken (Shifting Isles Series, Book 4)
  • Second Drafts (Matchmakers, Book 2)
  • Second Place (Matchmakers, Book 3)
  • Addiction (Shifting Isles, Book 7)