Danyal “Danny” Berringer

Birth: 18 Soldis 3518; Dunsberg on Agoran
Death: TBD

Race: Agori

Appearance: dark hair, pale skin


  • owner of and bartender at Matchmakers gay nightclub in Dunsberg, Agoran


  • unnamed

Siblings: none

Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

Children: none

Special Abilities: none


Danny grew up as an only child to loving parents in the snowy town of Dunsberg, Agoran. When he came out as gay, his parents were supportive. His father, who already owned a few bars in the local area, started up Matchmakers, a gay nightclub, in Danny’s honor, wanting people like his son to have a safe space to socialize.

On 26 Faldris 3536, when Danny was just shy of turning 18, his parents were killed in a car crash due to a pileup on Route 12, just outside Dunsberg city limits. Danny was called to the local hospital in the wake of the crash, being his parents’ only next-of-kin, then had to wait in the chaos of the lobby while several other people clamored for information about their loved ones.

In the midst of the chaos, Danny spotted a boy about his age, the only other person who seemed to be alone like him. When the boy’s name was called, he was given the news that his parents had died at the scene. Seeing the anguish on the boy’s face, Danny hugged the boy, trying to comfort him. While the boy cried, Danny’s name was called, and he learned that the hospital had done everything they could to try to save his parents, but both had died in surgery.

Holding hands by unspoken agreement, Danny and the boy, Bryan Landry, went to the morgue to identify their parents’ bodies, then went home together, neither wanting to be alone.

Needing to feel something other than grief, Danny and Bryan lost their virginity to one another even before either of them spoke the other’s name for the first time. Bryan asked Danny to stay, and since Danny didn’t want to be alone, either, he agreed. For the next five years, Danny and Bryan lived together in Bryan’s childhood home, the pair of them rebuilding their lives in the wake of their loss. Danny sold his parents’ apartment and most of his father’s businesses, keeping only Matchmakers. He threw himself into learning everything he could about how to run the place and keep it afloat. Meanwhile, he helped Bryan finish school and then get a job with a tech company.

Then Danny made the biggest mistake of his life by cheating on Bryan, trying to test whether their unconventional relationship was real or just a fantasy that neither could let go. Danny realized his mistake almost immediately and nearly stopped before anything could happen, but when he saw the desperation on his hookup’s face, he went through with it anyway.

Doing so saved the man’s life. Danny was just about to leave when he realized he forgot his wallet, and walked back in to find his hookup, Eric Grant, with a gun to his head. Eric had intended all along to end his life that night and had gone looking for one last hookup before he died. Danny’s return startled Eric so that the gun went off, but it only grazed him rather than piercing his skull.

Danny confessed his infidelity to Bryan and immediately moved out, the breakup tearful on both ends. After checking on Eric and getting to know the guy a bit more, Danny realized Eric and Bryan would be good together and arranged for the two to meet without Bryan being aware Danny had a hand in it. Danny was determined to help Bryan find happiness after he’d broken his heart, and since Danny had an uncanny knack for hooking up perfect couples, it worked. After a brief, whirlwind romance, Bryan and Eric married.

After that, Danny threw himself into his work, running the bar, hooking up couples, and taking in boys off the streets, giving them work and a place to stay as needed, doing anything he could to assuage his guilt. For the next several years, he only sees Bryan in passing when Bryan and Eric come to the club, and their happiness is almost enough to make his own heartbreak worthwhile.

Then he sees Bryan coming to the club alone without his wedding ring, hooking up with random strangers. Determined to find out what went wrong between Bryan and Eric, Danny presses until he chances upon the truth: Eric is dying, and Bryan is punishing himself because he feels responsible.

On his deathbed, Eric makes Danny promise to be there for Bryan in Eric’s absence, seeing just how much the two still love one another even though neither will openly admit it. Danny agrees to the promise, including a promise to be faithful to Bryan even as he waits to see if Bryan might ever take him back. After Eric finally succumbs to his disease, Danny watches Bryan spiral in grief, first never leaving his room and then turning to sex, alcohol, and dangerous driving as ways to cope.

As time passes and Bryan slowly comes to accept Eric’s passing, he’s ultimately able to accept Danny back into his heart. Danny proposes, insisting that Bryan wear his ring on the right hand so that Eric’s ring will never come off the left hand.

Danny and Bryan married on 7 Shysais 3557 and grew old together, neither of them ever forgetting the part Eric played in their lives.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • Second Chances (Matchmakers, Book 1)
  • Second Drafts (Matchmakers, Book 2)
  • Second Place (Matchmakers, Book 3)
  • Second Act (Matchmakers, Book 3.5)