Niall Frederic Hayes

Birth: 15 Auriel 3517; Lonville on Agoran
Death: TBD

Race: Agori

Appearance: dirty blond hair, salon tan


  • software designer and web developer at Fenton Solutions in Lonville, Agoran
  • software designer and web developer at various unnamed locations throughout Agoran
  • software designer and web developer at Wysong Solutions in Dunsberg, Agoran
  • software designer and web developer at Fenton Solutions in Lonville, Agoran, again
  • IT manager for Second Act charity in Lonville, Agoran


  • Ted Hayes
  • Bonny Hayes

Siblings: none

Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

Children: none

Special Abilities: none


Niall grew up in Lonville as an only child, the “miracle” baby of his parents, who thought they would never be able to have kids. He did well in school, but when he showed a particular aptitude for computers and coding, his parents helped him apply to Lonville’s Brigham Rusch University, where Niall earned an IT degree by the time he was fifteen. Upon his graduation, Niall was immediately recruited to work at Fenton Solutions, a local tech company. Being an awkward teenager with few friends, Niall jumped at the opportunity, getting to work in a field he loved and having the added benefit of making some money of his own.

As the years passed, Niall not only moved up through the company but also slowly emerged from his awkward teenage phase, developing into a tall, well-built, handsome man, earning him plenty of attention from the large gay community in Lonville. Niall enjoyed playing the field for a time, but no man could hold his interest for longer than a one-night stand. For anything long-term, Niall wanted someone with intelligence, drive, a good work ethic, and a kind heart.

Finally, Niall met Scot Jefferson. Niall was attending a tech convention that was open to the public, an event which Scot spontaneously decided to check out. Niall found the young man arguing with one of the exhibitors, the light of extreme intelligence in Scot’s eyes as he deftly defended his position. When the exhibitor grew angry, Scot shrugged off the man’s remarks and simply walked away, his eyes lighting up with interest at the next thing he saw, the argument clearly forgotten.

Niall followed the young man, introduced himself, praised Scot’s defense in that argument, then asked what Scot did for work in the tech industry. Scot replied that he had simply been bored and wandered into the convention on a whim, which intrigued Niall enough to ask Scot out for a drink.

Their relationship developed quickly, Niall falling hard and fast as Scot continued to challenge and impress him. Even though Scot wasn’t remotely romantic, Niall found himself fascinated with the man to the exclusion of all others, enjoying Scot’s propensity for travel and spontaneous adventures and experiments. When Niall proposed, Scot’s response was a simple shrug, stating that it would be something new he’d never done so he was willing to try. It wasn’t the impassioned reply Niall had hoped for, but it was still a yes, so he was happy.

Niall and Scot married on 18 Sulinel 3543. It was only a few months into their marriage when Niall first discovered Scot had been cheating on him. When Niall confronted him about it, thinking Scot was going to leave him for someone else, Scot shamelessly confessed he engaged in random hookups at times and that it was nothing serious, just sheer boredom driving him to do whatever he felt like in the moment. The initial shock and pain of it tempted Niall to end their marriage, but he couldn’t imagine his life without Scot in it, so he stayed, even knowing Scot continued to be unfaithful.

As time passed, Scot’s interest in Niall began to wane even outside the bedroom. Being an off-the-charts genius, Scot was easily bored and constantly finding new things to hold his interest, engaging in random studies and experiments just for the sake of keeping his brain satisfied. Though Scot never suggested a divorce and always came home to Niall, Niall began to feel like an outsider in his marriage, holding on to every scrap of attention Scot would give him.

Things only got worse when Scot began experimenting with drugs, trying to chase new distractions. His infidelities grew more frequent, even causing him to stay out all night and then having to spend the next day sobering up while Niall felt helpless to do anything about it.

Finally, it all came to an end when Niall received a call in the middle of the night, asking him to come down to Lonville General Hospital to identify his husband’s body. At just twenty-six years of age, Scot had died due to an overdose, choking on his own vomit while in the midst of an orgy with four other men.

Niall went to the club where the orgy had taken place, needing to retrieve Scot’s things from the lockers there. He found Scot’s clothing and wallet, but Scot’s wedding ring was nowhere to be found. Niall buried his husband and tried to go on with life, but the grief and the missing ring were too much to face. Needing an escape from his pain, Niall sold the house he and Scot had bought together, left his job at Fenton Solutions, and started traveling across Agoran, taking jobs as he found them and moving on when his memories continued to catch up with him.

His longest stay was in Dunsberg, where he took a job at Wysong Solutions, working under project manager Bryan Landry. The two men were constantly at odds with one another, both alpha males. Outside of work, Niall met Danyal “Danny” Berringer, owner of the gay club, Matchmakers. Danny proved to be a good distraction for a while, but Danny ultimately broke things off.

After a time, Niall learned that Bryan had recently lost his husband, giving the two men common ground. Niall and Bryan went from enemies to friends, consoling one another in their grief and eventually winding up in bed together. The affair didn’t last, though, as it turned out that Bryan was still in love with Danny, whom he’d dated years ago. Niall knew those two were right for each other, so he quietly stepped aside, even happily attending their wedding when it eventually came around, Bryan having finally gotten past his grief enough to say yes.

Around the same time, Niall’s former boss, Robert Fenton, called him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. Between a considerable raise and the chance to land a huge client, Fenton enticed Niall back to Fenton Solutions. Though it meant having to face his hometown again, Niall moved back to Lonville and resumed his old job, getting thrown right into a new proposal for Second Act, a charity owned and operated by the owner of S&N Medical Supply, Blake Edwards. The charity, as it turns out, was designed to help people who suffer from various addictions, making Niall immediately think of Scot. If only something like Second Act had existed back then, maybe Scot would still be alive. Niall jumps into the project, knowing it would be a painful reminder but determined to be part of something that would prevent other people from grieving the way he did.

When Niall meets Blake during his proposal presentation for Second Act’s new website, he’s immediately intrigued by the man, not only physically attracted to him but also drawn in by his intense passion and work ethic. Niall is determined to have him for a one-night stand, but Blake continuously refuses his advances, insisting he only wants something serious when it comes down to it. Eventually, Niall wears down Blake’s resolve, though Niall can tell Blake is still holding something back.

As they work together on setting up the website and software for Second Act, Niall slowly opens up about Scot, explaining his drive to be part of the project. He tells Blake about the orgy where Scot died, about the orgy participant who called emergency services and then just vanished, about the fact that Scot’s wedding ring was never found.

In the aftermath of another hookup between Niall and Blake, Niall finds Scot’s ring in Blake’s possession and learns that Blake was in the orgy the night Scot died. Feeling betrayed, since Blake knew all along just who he was, Niall leaves, feeling heartbreak and grief all over again.

He eventually comes to accept that, even though Blake vanished that night, Blake was the only one who actually made an effort to help Scot that night, and that the creation of Second Act was Blake’s way of trying to make amends ever since. Feeling moved by Blake’s drive, Niall finishes his work on Second Act and takes it to Blake, forgiving him for running away that night and asking if they could try for something serious between them.

Together, they finish the development of Blake’s charity and launch it to roaring success, the entire project dedicated to Scot’s memory. Niall and Blake make a commitment to one another, and go together to visit Scot’s grave. Finally having the whole truth of what happened to Scot, which allows Niall the closure he’d been lacking since Scot’s death, Niall buries their wedding rings at Scot’s grave, finally able to let him go.

Niall and Blake throw themselves into the running of Second Act, on top of their other jobs, watching the charity grow as it helped people with various addictions.

On the first anniversary of their first date, Niall and Blake realized that they’d been so focused on work, they hadn’t even talked about where their relationship was going. Niall spontaneously proposes, and the pair decide to elope, marrying that very day.

Niall and Blake spent the rest of their lives in love and happiness, always dedicated to helping people like Scot so his tragic death would never happen again.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • Second Place (Matchmakers, Book 3)
  • Second Act (Matchmakers, Book 3.5)