Remy Dawes

Birth: 23 Tarvin 3524; Dunsberg on Agoran
Death: TBD

Race: Agori

Appearance: blond, blue eyes, slim/fit build; likes wearing eyeliner while at work at the club and nice suits when outside the club


  • film porn star
  • stripper and live-action porn star at Matchmakers in Dunsberg
  • stripper and live-action porn star at Gents in New Haven
  • interior designer


  • Jacson Dawes
  • unnamed mother


  • Anny

Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

Children: none

Special Abilities: none


Remy Dawes was born to poor but loving parents in snowy Dunsberg on Agoran. His childhood was a happy one until his father, Jacson Dawes, was killed in a car accident on 3 Faldris 3530, when Remy was just five years old. Remy’s mother couldn’t handle the loss of her husband, so she took up drinking and smoking, which eventually led to heavy drug use, further impoverishing their little family.

A string of boyfriends for Remy’s mother eventually led to her getting pregnant with a second child, Remy’s half-sister, Anny. Though Remy’s mother was happy for a time after her pregnancy, the added financial strain of another child led to increased drug and alcohol use, leaving Remy’s mother constantly ill and unable to provide for the family. Teenage Remy took over cleaning the house and feeding the family, particularly caring for Anny.

When Anny became ill, there was no money for her treatment, so Remy dropped out of school and found work in the pornographic film industry. At fifteen years old, he lost his virginity on camera, but was never ashamed of his work. He enjoyed it, and it provided an income for his family.

His stepfather at the time, Gregg, found out about Remy’s work and took it to mean Remy was easy, so he began molesting Remy in addition to beating up Remy’s mother.

When Remy’s mother finally succumbed to her illnesses and died, Remy left Anny with a friend, not trusting Gregg to look after her, then took his entire savings to pay for his mother’s burial. With the help of his best friend, Matty, Remy attended his mother’s funeral, then went to pick up Anny, only to find out Gregg had already found her and taken her home.

Remy arrived home to find Anny strangled to death and Gregg passed out drunk. Remy and Matty took Anny to the hospital, but it was too late.

Rather than go back home, Remy went with Matty to the home of Danyal “Danny” Berringer, owner of the Matchmakers gay club in Dunsberg, where Matty worked. Matty returned to Remy’s apartment to collect his things so Remy wouldn’t ever have to set foot there again, and Remy officially moved in with Danny while he got back on his feet. Danny even gave him a job at the club so he could start rebuilding his life.

Because Remy was so popular in the porn industry and so good at his job at the club, he quickly saved up enough to buy his own home, which he turned into his sanctuary from his former life, keeping it neat and clean and in good repair as a stark contrast to what he’d grown up with. He even kept a room set up for Anny, even though she would never get to live in it. On his own, he learned how to cook as well as how to do minor home repairs and improvements, then learned everything he could about investing money so that he could continue to build up his financial safety net, never wanting to slip into the kind of impoverished life he’d always known. As an added precaution, Remy also took lessons at a gun range and bought several firearms which he stashed around the house for personal protection on the off chance Gregg ever found him.

At nineteen, Remy was introduced to Danny’s friend, Chance Whitaker, a thirty-five-year-old freelance book editor. Chance was resistant at first, and even into the start of their relationship, having been burned one too many times by dating younger men, but Remy eventually temps him so much that Chance can’t resist. Despite the age difference and the hostility of Matty, Chance and Remy grow closer.

But Remy’s work continues to prove problematic for Chance, leaving him jealous and constantly assuming Remy will be unfaithful. After a fight, Chance goes to see Remy’s stage show–a live pornographic display done at Matchmakers–and finds himself aroused by the scene rather than turned off by it.

The couple reconcile and grow closer, especially as Remy begins to finally open up about his childhood. For Remy’s birthday, Chance even manages to track down a picture of Jacson Dawes, something that Remy never had.

Just when things are starting to look ideal for the couple, Gregg is able to track down Remy at work. Gregg forces Remy into a car, then drunkenly drives away, only to crash, leaving Gregg dead and putting Remy into a coma for a short time. Remy slowly recovers, bringing he and Chance closer, to the point they start talking about moving in together.

Matty finds out about their plans and drugs Remy before taking him to bed, knowing Chance will walk in on them. Chance sees what looks like Remy cheating on him, just as he’d always feared, and storms away, making plans to leave Dunsberg to put his heartbreak behind him.

Remy wakes with no memory of what happened, but is able to put the pieces together when he finds evidence of the drugs in his system and the sex he unknowingly had with Matty. Matty admits he did it because he’s in love with Remy, but Remy is so heartbroken over the loss of chance that he and Matty fight, ending with Remy sending Matty away.

Remy does everything he can to try to get Chance to hear his side of things, and just when he’s about to get that opportunity, Remy witnesses a bar fight in which Matty gets caught in the middle, taking a fatal blow to the head.

Thanks to Danny, Chance finally learns the truth of what happened between Remy and Matty, so he goes to Remy in an attempt to reconcile. They take a trip to New Haven, where Chance was considering moving, and Remy learns that not only has Chance bought Remy’s dream house there, he’s also been in contact with a gay nightclub that is similar to Matchmakers, which would allow Remy to continue doing the work he loves.

With both of them needing a fresh start, the couple move to New Haven, where Chance takes work as an editor at a publishing house while Remy goes to work for Gents for a time. There, he meets Daivid Thaton, who eventually becomes a friend, along with Daivid’s wife, Sasha Crawford. Sasha’s brother, Elliden, ultimately ends up with Chance’s brother, Shain Ahren.

Ultimately, Remy decides he’s ready to retire from the stripper life, and turns his interest to interior design, slowly but surely making a name for himself.

Remy and Chance grow old together in New Haven, surrounded by friends.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • Second Chances (Matchmakers, Book 1)
  • Broken (Shifting Isles Series, Book 4)
  • Second Drafts (Matchmakers, Book 2)
  • Second Place (Matchmakers, Book 3)
  • Addiction (Shifting Isles Series, Book 7)