Scot Jefferson Hayes

Birth: 10 Tarvin 3519; Lonville on Agoran
Death: 11 Partri 3546; Lonville on Agoran; age 26

Race: Agori

Appearance: short, slim build, dark hair


  • none specified


  • Mr. Jefferson
  • Mrs. Jefferson

Siblings: none

Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

Children: none

Special Abilities: genius-level intellect


Scot was born as the only planned child of his parents. From a very young age, it was clear that his intelligence was off the charts, a fact that only became more apparent as he grew older, scoring perfectly in classes and exams that most adults couldn’t pass and absorbing knowledge like a sponge. As a result, Scot was frequently bored. New things became second nature with little to no effort, leaving him constantly searching out something new to keep his mind occupied.

Though his intelligence initially prevented him from forming attachments with other children his age, he eventually managed to gain a wide circle of friends due to his spontaneous, adventurous attitude. Always seeking new things to discover meant his friends and other children would eagerly follow him, also wanting new experiences. The inevitable result was that Scot and the other children were frequently getting themselves into trouble. For example, Scot decided he wanted to experiment with how many times he could steal and return something without a shop keeper noticing. Though he was never directly caught, many of his friends were, and his parents punished him by extension, knowing he had to be involved. Scot only gave up the experiment, though, when he grew bored with it, moving on to his next discovery.

As he grew older and continued flying through classes and exams on all manner of subjects, several companies and think tanks attempted to recruit him. Scot agreed to a few of the offered positions over the years, but the work could only hold his attention for so long before he began acting out or simply not showing up.

When he entered his late teens, a combination of hormones and boredom led him to discover nightclubs, alcohol, and drugs. Having understood for a long time that he was gay, though only on a purely intellectual level, Scot lost himself in the new experience of turning that understanding into actual practice, hooking up with different men and trying out every new sexual act or kink he could find.

It wasn’t until he met Niall Hayes that he decided to try an actual relationship. Having higher than average intelligence and an interest in travel, Niall was able to hold Scot’s attention for longer than a one-night stand, allowing Scot to develop feelings for someone for the first time in his life. Struck by the novelty of experiencing love, Scot fully immersed himself in it. He couldn’t grasp the nuances of romance, and though he tried to study them, there seemed no logic to any of it, so he didn’t bother with things like bringing flowers or planning dates. Niall never complained, and since Niall proposed to him just months into their relationship, Scot figured there was no need for the popular trappings of dating anyway.

The proposal itself was an awkward experience for him. He’d witnessed how emotional such an act could be for both parties, and though he loved Niall, he couldn’t feel anything for the event beyond intrigue at the newness of it all. A part of him knew Niall expected some kind of impassioned response, but as it was a simple yes-or-no question, Scot simply replied in the affirmative and left it at that. He loved Niall and had never experienced being married, so there seemed to be no reason to say no.

The wedding itself was frustrating with all the decisions to make and the emotional expectations of all parties involved. Scot nearly walked away more than once, bored with the proceedings. The honeymoon, at least, was full of travel and adventure, which managed to keep him occupied.

It wasn’t long into their marriage, though, that Scot began to grow bored with their domestic life. Niall’s work schedule meant they couldn’t simply go out of town whenever Scot wanted. Though that had also been the case when they’d been dating, Scot had felt more free to do as he liked. Now that he was expected to come home to his husband every night, the routine began to wear on him.

Making matters worse was the fact that Niall liked things simple in the bedroom. Scot tried to find satisfaction in their lovemaking, but it didn’t fulfill his various needs. On the nights when Niall had to work late, Scot found himself at the clubs, engaging in meaningless hookups with other men, indulging the roles and kinks that he didn’t get to experience with Niall.

Niall discovered the cheating and confronted him, leading to a screaming fight. Scot couldn’t understand why Niall was so upset, unable to grasp the betrayal that Niall expressed. As far as Scot was concerned, Scot was doing Niall a favor by letting Niall have what he wanted in the bedroom rather than asking him to do things he wasn’t interested in, since Scot could easily get those things elsewhere. Though his studies of human behavior led Scot to believe that this fight should have ended their relationship, he was surprised to discover that it didn’t do so. Niall stayed with him, and the discussion of Scot’s cheating never happened again.

After a time, even the simple hookups weren’t enough. Scot began indulging more heavily in drugs and alcohol when he went to the clubs, needing added sensations to make the experience worthwhile. His tolerance for the drugs began to grow, so he kept increasing his doses or trying different combinations, just to see what would happen.

That recklessness came to a tragic end on the night of 11 Partri 3546. In the midst of an orgy with four other men, Scot consumed an excessive amount of a combination of drugs, hoping to completely tune out the world for one night, only for the drugs to be more than his body could handle. Choking on his own vomit, Scot died while the orgy continued on, most of the other participants also too high to realize what was going on.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • Second Place (Matchmakers, Book 3)
  • Second Act (Matchmakers, Book 3.5)