Shain Ahren

Birth: 20 Partri 3513; Dunsberg on Agoran
Death: TBD

Race: Agori

Appearance: dark brown hair, brown eyes; prefers lounge wear when at home and at least business casual when out about town


  • prostitute
  • best-selling author


  • Mr. Whitaker
  • Denyse Whitaker (née Ahren)


Spouse(s) / Partner(s):

  • Elliden Crawford (married 7 Elisel 3552)

Children: none

Special Abilities: none


Shain was born the younger of two sons to Mr. Whitaker and Denyse Whitaker (née Ahren). He had a fairly normal, comfortable childhood, despite his father frequently being absent due to work.

His mother’s untimely death changed everything, turning his father into a drunk and even more of a workaholic, leaving Shain’s brother, Chance, in the role of parent. Unbeknownst to Chance, Shain took the brunt of his father’s grief, the man using Shain as a punching bag whenever the alcohol wasn’t enough to dull his pain.

Just over a year after Denyse’s death, when Shain was almost fifteen, Mr. Whitaker caught Shain making out with another boy. Not able to handle having a gay son, Mr. Whitaker cast Shain out of the house with nothing but a bag of his clothing.

Chance managed to find Shain a few days later, giving him some money and a phone so they could stay in contact, but Shain was otherwise homeless and broke, having to survive on the streets in one of the coldest winters Dunsberg had ever seen.

One night, in an alleyway, Shain was offered money in exchange for a blowjob. Desperate, Shain took the offer, affording him some food. He continued to prostitute himself for money until he was able to afford a tiny shelter from the cold.

A few months into this new lifestyle, some of Shain’s repeat customers decide to gang up on him and take their pleasure for free, taking turns raping Shain and then leaving him in the alleyway. Shain immediately packed his few belongings and left Dunsberg, seeking out another city.

He tried to find work, but kept ultimately turning to prostitution in order to afford food and shelter. In each new city he found himself, he managed to settle in for a while until someone took advantage of him again, forcing him to move on once more.

Eventually, he made his way entirely across the Isle of Agoran until he reached New Haven, a thriving metropolis on the west coast. Once again, he turned to prostitution, and was about to be raped again when a man happened upon the scene and scared Shain’s attackers away.

Shain’s rescuer, Luc Garsang, took Shain in, giving him food and shelter as well as medical attention. They discovered one of Shain’s customers or attackers had given Shain a potentially fatal disease, but thanks to Luc’s intervention, they caught it in time and were able to get Shain the treatment he needed.

As a Dom and owner of a BDSM club, Luc took Shain under his wing and trained him to be a Dom himself, building up Shain’s confidence to take control of his life and never let anyone use him again. Shain takes his training to heart, never letting anyone have any sort of sway over his life. He refuses to have any sort of committed relationship, preferring instead to have meaningless one-night stands in which he has total control and can then send the trick on his way, keeping his heart and his home closed off to any intrusion. He does, however, fully respect limits and safewords, never wanting anyone else to suffer the kind of abuse he did.

As part of his therapy and recovery, Shain sat down and wrote about what happened to him, turning the events into a novel that launched his career as an author, skyrocketing him to the top of the bestseller lists. Finding a passion for writing, Shain kept publishing novels, earning himself a comfortable lifestyle in which he could afford a secure apartment and have a financial cushion that would prevent him ever having to sink to the levels of prostitution ever again.

Despite the dismal memories associated with his past, he still makes a yearly trip back to Dunsberg to visit his mother’s grave on the anniversary of her death, often running into his brother there. The fact that Chance also turned out to be gay but never came out to their father drove a wedge between the brothers, leaving them little more than civil to one another.

Thanks to Shain’s income, and because he was so particular about his space being private and secure, Shain was able to afford a second apartment in Dunsberg even though he only used it on the two or three days each year that he was there to visit his mother’s grave.

During these visits, he also made a habit of visiting Matchmakers, the local gay club. It was during one of these visits that he met Elliden Crawford. Without ever learning Elliden’s name, Shain took the man home for the evening for a hookup, then sent Elliden on his way, per his usual routine. After Elliden left, Shain found a silver ring on the floor where Elliden’s clothes had been. Without questioning it, Shain put on the ring and could never find the nerve to take it off afterwards.

Something about Elliden got under his skin, leaving him so inspired that he wrote a new book in just two weeks. He couldn’t bring himself to ever publish it, though, despite his editor’s insistence that it was his best work yet. He refused to let a nameless trick have any sway over his life, so he buried the book and tried to drive it from his memory, yet he still couldn’t bring himself to ever take off the silver ring.

Several years later, Shain is walking around downtown New Haven, taking a break from writing, when he decides on a whim to step into an art gallery. There, he sees a painting of himself. Confused and intrigued by it, he buys the painting, then tortures himself over who could have painted it and why.

Eventually, Shain discovers the painter was the owner of the silver ring he wears, and when he takes a trip to Dunsberg for Chance’s wedding to Remy Dawes, Shain stumbles upon Elliden again, taking him home and hoping that one more hookup will finally get him over the man. When Shain learns that he’s the only sexual partner Elliden has ever had, Shain gets overwhelmed and sends Elliden away before anything can happen, then instantly regrets it. In an unprecedented decision, Shain extends his stay in Dunsberg, determined to track Elliden down.

He finds Elliden purely by chance, but the man isn’t the same. Shain learns then that Elliden was born with an extreme chemical imbalance that leaves him prone to violent fits, and when Elliden is on his medication, it leaves him lethargic and unmotivated, vastly different from the way Shain had seen him before. Still, Shain takes him home and cares for him without letting himself question it, only to find himself heavily inspired to write. All the while Elliden stays with him, Shain’s productivity goes through the roof.

When he learns Elliden moved back to Dunsberg specifically to look for Shain, the pressure is too much and Shain sends him away again, then flies back home to New Haven.

His productivity immediately tanks. He struggles to write until he allows himself to think of Elliden, but has trouble accepting that the man is his muse since it’s just a way of someone else having sway over him. Finally, the stress of being unable to write is too much, so Shain gets a hold of Elliden and flies him to New Haven to stay in Shain’s apartment for a while, relieved to have his inspiration back.

Eventually, Shain starts to realize they’re growing too close and he’s becoming too dependent on Elliden, so he drives Elliden away, only to immediately miss his muse and have his productivity tank again.

He goes after Elliden, determined to get his muse back once more, but Elliden tries to deny him, tired of being cast aside. Shain eventually wears him down, then manages to finish another book. When he’s about to fly back to New Haven for good, he gets a call that Elliden has been beaten almost to death.

Shain rushes to the hospital and realizes, as he watches Elliden fight for his life, that he’s fallen in love with the man despite his determination to never have feelings for anyone. With Shain’s help, Elliden slowly recovers.

But when Shain learns that his own father is responsible for Elliden’s condition, Shain finally faces his father, some twenty years after being kicked out of his father’s house, finally giving him a sense of closure. At that point, he’s finally able to tell Elliden all about his past, something he was never able to do before because it would require trusting someone and really letting them in.

Thanks to Elliden, Shain gives up his promiscuous lifestyle and is able to settle down, Shain giving Elliden the control he craves and Elliden giving Shain love and inspiration. The couple married on 7 Elisel 3552 and lived out their days in New Haven, surrounded by family and friends.

Appears/Mentioned in:

  • Second Chances (Matchmakers, Book 1)
  • Second Drafts (Matchmakers, Book 2)
  • Second Place (Matchmakers, Book 3)