Birth: 11 Tarvin 3432; Tanas
Death: 18 Partri 3458; Sonekha, Tanas; age 25

Race: Tanasian

Appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, fit but feminine


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Spouse(s) / Partner(s):


  • none

Special Abilities: telepathy, telekinesis, can’t read but has perfect recall


Like all women on Tanas, Vorena was raised to be a docile housewife and mother, though her independent nature was always an internal struggle. With the death of her father when she was just fourteen, she joined her cousin, Jevon, in the Tanasian rebel movement, seeking to find a way off Tanas. They were particularly determined to find the fabled last remaining Gate on Tanas to Agoran, hoping to reach that free Isle and escape the oppression of the Tanasian Elders’ rule.

The rebels traveled about Tanas in search of the Gate for many years, slowly but surely growing their numbers in secret and often breaking up into smaller groups to make travel quicker and less conspicuous. It was during one of these journeys that Vorena, along with Jevon and Jevon’s daughter, Asenna, traveled too near Sonekha prison and into the path of the officers of the Hawk guard who patrolled the area. Jevon and Asenna were able to escape, but Vorena was captured by Officer Benash on 5 Faldris 3458.

At that point, Vorena already knew she was ill with an incurable lung disease, and resigned herself to death within the underground cells. While imprisoned, however, she managed to stir the other prisoners with tales of freedom, as well as bringing Officer Benash around to another way of thinking, to the point that Benash gave up his badge and locked himself in Vorena’s cell with her so that she would be protected from the other officers in her declining health.

On the 17th of Partri, almost four months after Vorena’s arrest, a Collision event occurred between Tanas and Ceynes, causing sufficient destruction to the Sonekha prison that most of the prisoners died while others managed to escape. The prisoners joined the rebels in the forest, Benash carrying Vorena along on their way to the hidden Gate and freedom.

The next morning, at sunrise, Vorena died in Benash’s arms, and was buried on the mountainside clearing just beyond the Gate to Agoran. Benash remained on Tanas for a year, continuing to work with the rebel movement, until he was finally ready to say goodbye to Vorena and escape to Agoran for good.

Vorena later managed to make her ghost self both visible and tangible to Benash (as well as to other Tanasians), and became his life partner, even beyond Benash’s own death in 3523.

Appears/Mentioned in:

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