Morbran City, Agoran

Morbran City is located at the northeast corner of the Isle of Agoran. Prior to the Breaking of the World, the land on which Morbran City developed was originally part of a vast estate belonging to Gabriel Morbran, Viscount Denmer, a nobleman in the Ceynesian empire. The Denmer estate bordered the original political boundary of Agoran to the south, but when Father Zhagos broke the land and the Isles were formed, the estate was split in half: one part remained with Ceynes, while the other became part of the new Isle of Agoran.

While Morbran Hall, Morbran’s home, was destroyed in the Breaking, the dower house associated with his title, Denmer House, survived and became his new residence. Ultimately, Morbran turned Denmer House into a halfway house and school for queer kids who had been disowned by their families, and over time, the school expanded in both size and scope until it became Denmer University, the most widely-known and highly-respected institution for learning anywhere in the world. The old Denmer House, once the entire school, is now merely the main library for the campus, while other libraries as well as the classrooms developed out from there, all built in the original architectural style of that period in Ceynes‘s history, giving the university a fairytale, storybook feel (picture, for example, the Cotswolds, England, in our real world, as visual inspiration for the city).

With the development of the university came the need for support industries, until an entire town grew out around the school, the area ultimately declared Morbran City in honor of the school’s founder. In keeping with the school’s aesthetic tradition, every building within Morbran City is also modeled after the original architecture, setting the area apart from any other city nearby.

The only deviations from this style, and another feature for which Morbran City is famous, are two structures built down the northern cliff face that the Breaking created: Frost Estates and Cliffside Hotel and Casino both have traditional structures right at land’s end, but those structures continue down the face of the cliff, almost down to the ocean, a pair of architectural marvels that allow their residents to enjoy uninterrupted ocean views.

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