New Haven, Agoran

New Haven is a city in the northwest of the Isle of Agoran. Though a sprawling metropolis, New Haven is famed for its glimmering skyscrapers and green building techniques. Almost every building throughout the city includes some degree of vertical gardening along their exteriors, providing not only easy access to fresh produce but an aesthetic that no other city has been able to rival.

The prosperity of New Haven is due in no small part to the Libertas fleet, which is based out of New Haven Harbor and transports tourists and cargo to and from places all over the world. The influx of tourism and exotic goods has made New Haven the place to go for all possible consumer needs. It is the city of entrepreneurs and dreamers, where almost anyone with determination and hard work can find success, no matter his or her area of talent or expertise.

New Haven extends from the harbor at the western coast, up north into the hillsides below the mountain range that forms Agoran‘s northernmost reaches, then east and south into a valley where most of New Haven’s residential areas and suburbs lie. As such, it offers everything from beach access to forest getaways to vibrant city life.

At the heart of downtown New Haven is Divinity Square, a marble plaza built in honor of the gods and containing starglass Gates to the capitols of the other seven Isles. The existence of those Gates contributes heavily to New Haven’s tourism and worldwide trade.

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