The Gateway

The Gateway is private property just outside New Haven, Agoran, originally belonging to rebels who escaped from Tanas and later owned by Benash Rothbur and his descendants. The property is named for the starglass Gate that was once the only structure on the land, the Gate leading to its counterpart in the mountains near Sonekha, Tanas. After the rebels escaped Tanas in The Prisoner, a house was built on the property as a transition place for any future rebels, and later became Benash’s personal residence in his retirement when no more rebels came through the Gate.

The Gateway is featured/mentioned in:

  • The Prisoner (Shifting Isles Series, Book 1)
  • S.P.I.R.I.T. Division (Shifting Isles Series, Book 2)
  • Return to Tanas (Shifting Isles Series, Book 3)
  • Broken (Shifting Isles Series, Book 4)
  • Second Drafts (Matchmakers Trilogy, Book 2)