Westfield City, Agoran

Westfield City is in the southeastern area of Agoran. It is the only city on Agoran where the free market doesn’t reign, as it was originally developed as a voluntary commune for those few who decried the ownership of private property. As such, it is also the only city on Agoran that is contained within a gated wall, the founders of the city not wanting the prosperity of surrounding areas to entice their population away. Over time, the common ownership of resources led to the expected economic decline, leaving the city in increasingly poor condition. Items that were considered essential elsewhere became luxuries for the citizens of Westfield, and as things worsened, crime became more rampant, particularly theft and sexual assault.

The city, in fact, is known for being the rape capitol of the world, which is ironic considering the Erosti population to be found there (rape is the most heinous crime one can commit on Erostil). Erosti immigrants who came to Agoran and were unaccustomed to an ungoverned life often found their way down to Westfield City, where things were strictly controlled. The one benefit of this aspect of the city’s population is that the natural immunity inherent in Erosti genetics meant that sexually-transmitted infections were not as rampant in Westfield City as they might otherwise have been considering the high volume of sex-related crimes committed there.

Having poor medical facilities there, it’s common for many of the universities to send their medical students to Westfield for charity work and internships, providing the citizens with a level of care they otherwise wouldn’t receive. Otherwise, the walled city is generally avoided, and the city leaders prefer to keep outsiders out and citizens in, except in times of great emergency.

One such emergency, which ultimately gained worldwide infamy, was the Westfield Virus Scandal, in which a deadly virus, engineered by Ryck Dreslin at Atwater Industries, was snuck into the city and administered as a test run as part of a larger conspiracy to overthrow the emperor of Ceynes. The virus quickly spread, but with the quick work of outside medical assistance, an antidote was administered and the virus was stopped. The virus later popped up again in Castle Ceynes, but was once again stopped and contained by the quick work of mage Samril Shyford and Dr. Graeden Crawford.

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