The Bonus Vault

Shhh! It’s a secret! Here are links to all the bonus stories currently available for download on BookFunnel. Please note that claiming these stories requires a newsletter signup if you’re not already a subscriber, and the stories are not meant to be read on their own but in context of their relevant books. Links will be added as stories are created.


Cuffd Stories

Living in ZinBeau, Mav, Dakota, and Ryder’s bonus story

His Boy to HoldEverett and Morgan’s bonus story


Matchmakers Series

Second ChancesChance and Remy’s bonus story

Second DraftsShain and Elliden’s bonus story

Second PlaceDanny and Bryan’s bonus story

Second ActNiall and Blake’s bonus story


Treble and the Lost Boys Series

Ice on FireZac and Adrian’s bonus story

Heavens AgroundRyley and Asher’s bonus story

Illumined ShadowsVic and Colby’s bonus story

Surviving DeathCam and Taylor’s bonus story


Transitivity Series

Coming soon!


Dandies, Inc. Series

Coming soon!


Gentleman Hackers Series

Restored RuinsBrendan, Frankie, and Connor’s bonus story

Found MissingNash and Levi’s bonus story

More coming soon!