Perspectives: Shifting Isles Short Stories

Short stories set in the world of the Shifting Isles, individually released and ultimately to be compiled into one volume. Note that some of these may have originally appeared in various outside anthologies. More to be added as they’re released.

‘Vision in Action’

With a dying father and four lazy brothers, Henry “Red” Stark has his hands full trying to run the family farm on his own. This story is a reimagining of the classic fable, The Little Red Hen, and is also a retelling of Vorena’s favorite story, as mentioned in The Prisoner (Shifting Isles, Book 1).

This story originally appeared in Fairytale Riot (Clarion Call, Vol. 4).

Released 9 November 2019. Available for Kindle.

‘Taking the Lead’

Zak Vergis feels trapped in the role into which he was born: that of a female. When he comes out to his family and is subsequently disowned, Zak runs away to find a new start. With a new look and in a new land, he just mind find everything he’s always wanted.

This short story features Zak Vergis from The Five-Hour Wife (Shifting Isles Series, Book 5).

Released 4 November 2018. Available for Kindle.

‘The Crossover Dom’

Luc Garsang gave up the Dom lifestyle after one of his subs broke the rules and put himself in harm’s way. Now, Luc avoids the BDSM club he runs out of his house and focuses on his gym instead, getting what little hint of domination he can by encouraging his students and testing their limits.

This short story, featuring Luc Garsang from Second Drafts (Matchmakers Trilogy, Book 2), originally appeared in Just Love: A Crazy Ink Anthology.

Released 19 December 2019. Available for Kindle.

‘Stripped Bare’

Though they both work as strippers for the gay nightclub, Matchmakers, Sev is convinced that Ty is out of his league. But that doesn’t stop him from trying to win the little guy’s heart.

This short story, featuring Sev and Ty from Second Place (Matchmakers Trilogy, Book 3), originally appeared in Rainbow Romances: Charity Collection for the National AIDS Trust.

Released 1 November 2018. Available for Kindle.

‘In Plain Sight’

Insurance investigator Jesper Steele goes undercover with popular rock band Royal Alchemy, posing as personal security for the band’s lead singer, Reece Dyckson, while he tries to track down clues to a series of gem thefts that match the dates and locations of Royal Alchemy’s current tour. Attempting to narrow down the list of suspects, Jesper gets close to the band, and to Reece in particular. While trying to find a thief, Jesper may also find that he’s not quite as straight as he thought he was.

This short story features Reece Dyckson, mentioned briefly in Ice on Fire (Treble and the Lost Boys, Book 1).

Released 14 December 2018. Available for Kindle.

‘The Sweetest Things’

Liam Crawford is tired of men only wanting him for his money. Joey Gibbs is tired of people abusing and leaving him. When Liam and Joey meet, an unexpected connection blossoms, one that neither man can resist. If they can just get past their fears, they might discover one of the sweetest things that life has to offer.

This short story, featuring Liam Crawford (who made a very brief, unnamed appearance in Broken (Shifting Isles Series, Book 4)), originally appeared in the Finding Forever charity anthology.

Released 10 November 2019. Available for Kindle.

‘Anchors Aweigh’

Fynn T’ardach is fiercely proud of his membership in the Erosti Leisure Guild, but when new Guild laws threaten his livelihood and his freedom, he’ll have to decide what’s really important.

This short story, featuring Fynn T’ardach and Kyra Crawford from various Shifting Isles novels, originally appeared in Unbound (Clarion Call, Vol 3).

Released 1 December 2018. Available for Kindle.

‘Broken Defenses’

Beni has all but given up on dating after his job caused yet another boyfriend to leave him. Kyle thinks he’ll never learn to trust again after having one too many abusive relationships. When Kyle hires Beni to teach him self-defense, an unexpected attraction occurs, resisted on both sides. Will Beni and Kyle be able to break through one another’s defenses and find their Happily Ever After?

This short story, featuring Beni Thaton from various Shifting Isles novels, originally appeared in Rainbow Romances: Charity Collection for the National AIDS Trust.

Released 1 November 2018. Available for Kindle.

‘Doubling Down’

Felix Moore is tired of only being wanted because of his diphallia. Just once, he wants to meet a guy who wants him for him. While on vacation, he can’t resist indulging in a fling with Tanner and Lane, only to realize he’s developing feelings for two men he may never see again.

This short story, set in the fictional world of the Shifting Isles, originally appeared as part of the limited-time, multi-author Hot Summer Reads giveaway.

Featuring Felix Moore, who made a brief, unnamed appearance in Heavens Aground (Treble and the Lost Boys, 2).

Released 31 July 2019. Available for Kindle.

‘Racing to Win’

Mason Kennedy is finally free to cut all ties and start over, but he can’t resist when his former riding student, Noah Davies, needs his help to get ready for the biggest racing event of the year. Training Noah brings out the Daddy in Mason, and Noah seems like the perfect boy. But Mason is moving, and Noah is too young for him. Can a short-term fling lead to a Happily Ever After at the finish line?

This short story, set in the fictional world of the Shifting Isles, was originally available as part of the limited-time, multi-author Keeping It Kinky giveaway.

Featuring Noah Davies from the Transitivity series.

Released 24 July 2019. Available for Kindle.

‘Trans Dandy’

Kacey is nearing his third college degree and has no idea what to do after that. No other subjects strike his fancy, and he can’t even fathom any kind of career.

Until he gets an unexpected email from someone named Jayden Wyatt, inviting him to do a test photo shoot in preparation for the launch of a new trans-based fashion label.

But pursuing a runway could mean giving up everything he holds dear.

This story follows the events of the Transitivity series (which should be read in order). As such, it has content of a taboo nature. This story also ties in with Taken by Storm (Dandies, Inc., 4), which can be read separately.

Released 2 April 2020 as a newsletter exclusive freebie. Moved to Amazon on 5 August 2020 in both paperback and Kindle formats.


Being sixteen is hard enough without…

…being trans.

Because everyone knows that all magi are men, but Alasair has the gift of magic despite being born with a female body, making him the exception that proves the rule. But not everyone sees it that way.

…unrequited love.

Because Wren is his best friend, but Alasair wishes they could be more.

…the gods breaking the world.

Because Alasair is definitely not ready for that.

(Featuring a historical figure mentioned in multiple Shifting Isles novels.)

Released 18 September 2020 as an exclusive download for subscribers to G.R. Lyons’s newsletter.