Nyses, the Mother of Storms, was the first lesser deity created by Skelroth. When Skelroth created Time, then Change came to be, and with Change came Nyses.

In appearance, the Mother of Storms is a woman of middle years, with the flawless skin of youth and the silver-grey hair of age. Her eyes are the sapphire blue of the sky, and her raiment is a skirt of seaweed from the oceans and a mantle of clouds from the heavens. On her upraised right palm she holds a dove with a stalk of wheat in its beak, and in her lowered left hand she holds a crab with a trout in its claws. Mother Nyses is in the waves and the storms, the very force of natural chaos and change, and brings harvests and cycles within Time.

The Mother is mated to both Zhagos and Kalos, and is mother to the Twins, Inadra and Inaria.

Being in command of the seas, she is taken as the patron goddess of the Libertas fleet out of Agoran.