Zhagos, the Father of Stone, was created by Skelroth to help balance the chaos that came into the Void after the creation of Mother Nyses.

In form, the Father of Stone is a man of middle years with a beard on his face and short but thick hair in the color of a rich brown soil. He is tall and broad and all muscle. He covers his loins with the hide of a wolf and is otherwise naked, adding only a leather harness that holds his blades and his mighty hammer. In one hand, he carries his great ax, the shaft made from the trunk of a mighty oak and the head from sharpened stone. In the other arm, he shelters a lamb, for his strength is not just for violence, but also for protection of the weak. Zhagos is the god of land, strength, and stability, and also perseverance and protection, and his value is honor.

Zhagos is mated to Nyses, and is brother to Kalos. He is also one of the fathers of the Twins, Inadra and Inaria.

The Father of Stone is taken as the patron god for the Isle of Falsin in the north of the world.