Thrysundir, the Lord of Action, was created by Skelroth in response to Man’s slumber. When Kalos created Man, the beings would not wake until Thrysundir came to be and gave them purpose and action.

In form, the Lord of Action is a lithe young man. He has short brown hair, deep brown eyes, and stands entirely naked upon a sundial, one foot in the center and the other one step forward. His hands are fisted at his sides and his eyes pierce the future while he moves constantly forward with his chin held high. Thrysundir made patterns of the Twins’ stars and used his strength and his vision to set Garis, Subhadin, and Sehryl in motion, making them moon and suns for the world, and bringing a cycle of time to the land and all its creatures. He channeled Inaria‘s truth and Inadra‘s passions into purposeful action, and the world came alive. With that, Man woke.

Embodying the values of human independence and achievement, Thrysundir is taken as patron god of the Isle of Agoran.