Man’s world

The world known to Man was created amidst the Void by the combined labors of all the gods. Skelroth reached into the Everlasting Fire and extracted a spark which he placed within the Void. The spark burned and grew until it took the shape of a globe, and Skelroth gave this globe as a gift to the lesser gods to see what they’d make of it. Nyses filled the globe with oceans, fish, and fowl. Zhagos used his mighty hammer to beat the globe’s core out toward the surface, forming mountains and valleys where his land creatures might thrive. Then Kalos created Man, but Man was formed in slumber and would not wake until the Twins, Inadra and Inaria, created the stars and Thrysundir moved those stars into constellations and set the moon and suns in motion.

The first Men woke with inherent knowledge of the gods, but the rest they had to learn by experience, finding ways to feed and clothe themselves and provide themselves with shelter. Over time, Man formed groups and went separate ways, developing different cultures and governments, ultimately forming political boundaries and nations.

It was when Man’s wars became too far-spread and too violent that the gods finally stepped in again, after having merely watched the world from a distance. Zhagos came down with his mighty hammer and broke the land, creating the eight shifting Isles that exist today.