Ceynes is one of the Shifting Isles, originally the central region of the single landmass before the Breaking of the World. Modeled after medieval England in our real world, Ceynes is a monarchy, though considers itself an empire, its rulers given the title of Emperor even though Ceynes has never been able to retain any other lands under their rule since they lost control of Andria in the Breaking. The monarchy long had a strict policy of male succession, until Emperor Phaerel changed the law to accommodate his only child, a daughter, though she gave up the crown and it passed to her uncle, Lord Cyvas, instead.

Though in constant movement due to the shift cycle, Ceynes remains mostly near its original anchor point on the globe, the majority of its acreage above the equator, giving it generally cooler temperatures year-round. The higher altitudes, such as the mountain range that spans the northern border and continues down along the eastern coast (including where Castle Ceynes lies), tend toward icy conditions. Much of Ceynes is open plains and farmland, though the southern coast, near where Erostil once shared a border, is more tropical.

The people of Ceynes are mostly of fair skin and blond or red hair. Most marriages are arranged, particularly in the upper classes. Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death, though an exception is made for the magi, who are revered, so long as they keep their engagements discreet.

Ceynes is featured in:

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  • Betrayal (Shifting Isles Series, Book 6)
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  • The Seventh Daughter’s Seventh Son (Shifting Isles Series, Book 12)